Thursday, March 25, 2010

FabuLOVE Giveaway

Giveaway lagik..hehe..x kn nak lepaskn peluang lak..alang2 da jmpe,join je le..
kali nih,belog cuteandyummy pulak yg wat giveaway nie.
ktanya,"One month from 22 March, I will turn 27 years old".
Maknanya,22 April la bdaynyer..same la kita ek..sy pn lahir bln 4 jgak..hihi.

Bnda yg nk kena wat :

1- This giveaway ONLY for followers.(Become follower if you are not) ---->done!
2- Spread the word on your sidebar and in a post. (You can use on of my above picture.)----->done!
3- Add CuteandYummy's link in your blog list ------>done!
4- Leave a message in my comment and pls also leave email address so I can find you


nak join?klik sini--->cuteandyummy giveaway

oh ya,hadiahnya??


nice kan?=)

lots of luv,

1 bar darkchoc lah !:

ezyane said... BALAS

Hi Dark Choc

Thank for joining my giveaway.. April-girl jugak? Hehe.. Happy becoming birthday to you too ;)

Keep in touch and feel free to visit my blog.

Gudluck dear


ps. I love chocs

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