Tuesday, April 20, 2010

m.e 1st giveaway!

The prizes :: yummy! :)

Whut to do ::

1.Be my follower (who ever not yet my follower, please do so) :) --->DONE!
2.Add this blog to your blog link list ------->DONE!
3.Write an entry about this Giveaway ------>DONE!
4.In your entry, You must put above picture. Make sure the picture will also at your side bar. Link both picture (in the entry & at the side bar) to http://izzlinabdulmanan.blogspot.com/
5.After you had finish step 1 - 4, left your URL-link-1st-Giveaway & your email at this comment entry ------->DONE!
6.Closing date will be on 23rd April 2010 ----->i'm waiting for da day! :D
7.Winner will be pick randomly ------>hopefully i'm da one! :)
wanna join?juz click da picture :)

lots of luv,

1 bar darkchoc lah !:

Izzlin said... BALAS

thx for joining...
good luck :)

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